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This is the time to take action! If you’re manifesting, setting goals or are simply just wanting change then look no further then our school! Become a Certified Lash Tech in ONE DAY! Yes ONE DAY…. and yes……you WILL learn in just one day! Once your certified, if you still need help we are here with a lifetime mentorship. Don’t let another year pass by without doing something you love or trying something new. What have you got to lose….NOTHING! Education stays with you forever! So give us call or register online. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you and helping you become the best YOU, you can be!


Calling all Aspiring Lash Artists!

If your interested in learning the art of Lash Extensions then look no further! In this class you’ll learn how to apply, fill, and remove lashes, you’ll learn how to start your own business, build a big clientele, how to properly lash map and much much more. Visit our “Lash Extensions” tab under “Classes” to find out more and to register! 

Another 5 Star Review *****

“I highly recommend Academy of Makeup Artistry (CAMMUA) if you are planning to obtain your certification in makeup artistry. I attended CAMMUA for my certification in makeup and airbrush artistry and couldn’t be happier with the hands-on, professional and knowledgeable education I received. I was not only educated in the application of makeup, but I was taught the vital skills of networking, business, and marketing as it pertains to one’s MUA freelancing career – something not readily taught in many other schools. They really set you up for success with a well-rounded education. As if that wasn’t enough, CAMMUA set me up with a starter makeup kit complete with industry famous makeup brushes, popular makeup products and excellent tools. You could literally start booking clients the next day with the kit you receive. Proper sanitation standards are a vital subject in this course, as well
 as proper organization and presentation of your kit and makeup set-up. The educator, Bianca, is experienced, friendly, knowledgeable, skilled and ensures you receive an exceptional education. Furthermore, if ever you have a question or need to reference information, you’ll always have CAMMUA’s educator to provide guidance- as mentioned above, they really set you up for success. I am so grateful for the education I received and highly recommend this school for anyone interested in starting their makeup artistry career.”
Erika M. (Costa Mesa) 5 Star Review


“I absolutely love this school. Bianca was my instructor and she was awesome! She is very intelligent and easy to learn from. I really appreciated that she had us read the information, we discussed it, asked questions, and then she would show us and let us do it. She really covered everyone’s learning style and was really patient when I didn’t just quite it. She would show me another way to see if I understood it then. She is very knowledgable and easy to talk to. I will be visiting every time I’m in town just to say hi!! Gia was very nice and always made a point to say hello. Her line of cosmetics and facial products is incredible! I love using her products. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who wants to become a makeup artist.”

Kristine J. (Costa Mesa) 5 Star Review

“I took the one-day eyelash extension course with Bianca. She was very knowledgeable and taught us all that we would need to know to perform eyelash extensions. And she’s only a text away if you have any questions. I’m exited to start my lash career and am very satisfied with the information and training I’ve been provided to do so.”

Halie H. (Costa Mesa) 5 Star Review

“First of all, where is the 10 star on here!
I don’t even know where to start I can’t thank Gia enough!  I would take this course over and over it was worth every penny, I highly recommend this course, if you don’t take it you will regret it.  Gia is an incredibly talented instructor, I was taught everything and more than I expected in such a short amount of time, but it’s absolutely perfect! Everything is about this course is amazing, (don’t do this) but I, unfortunately, had to contact Gia after 11 pm a couple of times And she would literally text back in 6 seconds she is all about her students! The kit I received I was speechless! Products we used in class are high quality and she let us use as much as needed! A very very honest and patient instructor, I would redo whatever I had to until it came out perfect. It’s not only a great career even better for personal use.”

Jasmin G. (Temecula) 5 Star Review


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