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Please note that there are no refunds when you register for and pay for class.  You have 1 year to take the class or receive product in exchange for the fee of the class.

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Group Class is $495.00 and is only offered on dates scheduled.  

If you require a special date the price will be $595.00.

Eyelash kit is not included. Price is $195


This semi-permanent individual eyelash extension training is an intense seven hour course that will educate you on all the important aspects of applying eyelash extensions properly. This is going to be an extremely “Hands ON” training.

The instructor will conduct the training course with a small group of students to ensure that you receive our full and undivided attention and the highest quality training provided today. We strongly recommend the training!

Your time is valuable!! We know it. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel by “Trial and Error.” A Lash Lab training gives you everything that you need to satisfy your clients from day one.

The eyelash extension training will educate you on important techniques of applying eyelash extensions properly. You will have hands on training. Everything you need to know about applying the lashes correctly, our step by step process, time saving tips and how to set up your semi-permanent eyelash extension business.

The entire afternoon is dedicated to practicing the eyelash extension procedure. The eyelash extension training will educate you on important techniques of applying eyelash extensions properly.

This is an intense one day 7-hour class. Classes are taught by experienced instructor. Upon completion of our eyelash extensions class you will receive a certification of training from A Lash Lab. An attractive certificate will be awarded to you-to display at your place of business. Certification in your field of expertise will always add value to your business.



* You are NOT required to purchase any kit for the class.

* You do NOT have to bring in anyone to model for you.

* You are NOT required to have a license to take this class.

* You CAN take the class without any prior requirement.

All tools and supplies are provided for your training in class. 

Our training program has intensive hands-on education provided by experienced certified trainers. Their technical and teaching skills ensure you can be the best eyelash extension specialist in the industry.

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*Adhesive and chemicals you will be working with


Costa Mesa
10am - 5pm
La Habra
10am - 5pm
10am - 5pm

October 22, 2016
10am to 5pm

October 26, 2016
10am to 5pm


October 23, 2016
10am to 5pm