Bridal Makeup and Airbrush

When deciding to join the Bridal Industry as a Makeup Artist the question of airbrush always arises. Should you as a Professional Makeup Artist add the skill of airbrush?

Airbrush makeup is a favorite-on the right skin type of course.  Not every style of foundation is flattering or appropriate for every skin type, but airbrush makeup is one of the most flawless looks. For bridal this is a must have as an option. It’s flawless, water resistant and will last all day!

I have tried many types of airbrush makeup and my personal preference is Temptu.  They are innovative and are always looking to improve their formula.  I am 55 years old and their original SB formula is very drying to my skin and I feel like it cracks by the end of the day. The new Hydrolock formula is absolutely amazing and my skin stays glowy and fresh looking throughout the day.

If you’re eager to learn Bridal Airbrush Makeup and get a Temptu Kit included, take our Airbrush Class.  If you are starting from the beginning and need complete makeup training take our Bridal Master Makeup Program which includes a professional makeup kit as well as the Temptu Airbrush kit.

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