Another 5 Star Review *****

First of all, where is the 10 star on here!
I don’t even know where to start I can’t thank Gia enough!  I would take this course over and over it was worth every penny, I highly recommend this course, if you don’t take it you will regret it.  Gia is an incredibly talented instructor, I was taught everything and more than I expected in such a short amount of time, but it’s absolutely perfect! Everything is about this course is amazing, (don’t do this) but I, unfortunately, had to contact Gia after 11 pm a couple of times And she would literally text back in 6 seconds she is all about her students! The kit I received I was speechless! Products we used in class are high quality and she let us use as much as needed! A very very honest and patient instructor, I would redo whatever I had to until it came out perfect. It’s not only a great career even better for personal use

From Jasmin G- Wildomar-Yelp Review for Temecula location

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