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Academy of Makeup Artistry – Cammua is an elite makeup artist school bringing modern makeup techniques to the industry. We are among the best makeup artist schools for film, television, print and music video.

Academy of Makeup Artistry – Cammua has graduates who have been at the top of high fashion makeup artistry, bridal makeup business, film and television industry, and independent freelance artists. This school is for those who are serious about making makeup artistry their career. Classes are intense and fun and expectations are high. We expect nothing less than the best for our students.


Gia Deo, the founder of Academy of Makeup Artistry – Cammua, was born and raised in the world of fashion and makeup artistry. Her method of instructions have been proven to be very successful for over 30 years.  

In the shortest amount of time, when compared to other makeup schools, Academy of Makeup Artistry – Cammua will enrich individuals with knowledge that allows you to take makeup artistry to the professional level. In only one short week, you will learn all the essentials and advanced techniques you need to know to become the best in your selected field. You will be equipped with knowledge on how to begin your makeup artistry career successfully. Graduates are always welcome to reach us for questions and consultations. 


Why choose Academy of Makeup Artistry?

Our classes are small to ensure proper education, unlike other schools that pack in 10-20 students and only care about the numbers not the quality. We have graduated over 2,000 students since 2004. We want all our students to succeed immediately. 

Do I need to buy Makeup Kit for the class?

The purchase of a kit is not necessary to attend our classes. Along with the education, Academy of Makeup Artistry provides all makeup supplies to use in class. You will receive a makeup kit for you to take home and use (master and bridal program only). This kit will not be used in class. Airbrush program will be given an airbrush kit to take home.

Why are the classes short compared to other schools?

Other schools offer financial aid and to do so they need to extend their programs to a certain amount of hours. Having shorter classes will allow you to fully work hands on and begin working sooner rather than later.

Who can enroll?

Anyone who is over the age of 15 can enroll. There is no diploma or other requirement to attend our school.

Do I need prior makeup experience?

No, you do not need prior experience in the field of makeup. Students will learn everything from the very beginning and no one will be left behind.

Do you offer job placement?

No, we do not offer job placement. In our course we will give you the knowledge on how to begin your job search. We provide business guidance on how to develop portfolios and websites.

Is your school an accredited institution?

We do not have accreditation as it would restrict our ability to update our curriculum regularly.

How long has Academy of Makeup Artistry (Cammua) been in operation?

We’ve been in business since 2004 and currently hold 2 locations.

How can I register for the class?

Registration is easy. Register online or call us and we can do your registration over the phone.

Where can I find your course dates?

All of our class dates can be found online on our website. If you cannot attend any of the dates set, we are more than happy to set up a special schedule for you at no additional cost. ((DURING COVID-19 WE ARE DOING CUSTOM SCHEDULES PER STUDENT FOR THE MAKEUP PROGRAM))

Who will I work on in class? Do I need to bring in a model?

All students will work on each other in class. This will allow you to learn how to work on the different face and eye shapes as well as give you the opportunity to feel what the client will be feeling as far as application. In the event a model is needed, we will let you know ahead of time. ((DURING COVID-19 WE ARE REQUESTING MAKEUP STUDENTS BRING IN A MODEL FOR EITHER A PORTION OF THE PROGRAM OR FOR THE ENTIRETY OF THE PROGRAM))

Do I receive a license when I am done? 

No, there is no license for makeup artist only a Certificate of Completion.

What is a certificate good for? 

Our Certificate will help you in obtaining your pro cards with some major makeup brands.  Our certificate can be used as one of the qualifications, but there are more requirements needed for each brand. It can also help you obtain a job at certain makeup stores or makeup counters. 

Can I get a job with my certificate? 

Our certificate will give you an advantage when applying for makeup jobs with retailers and department stores.  This will show them that you are well versed in makeup application as well as etiquette and hygiene.  Our certificate will also show your clients that you took the time to learn your craft from professionals and not from watching YouTube videos.

Do I need a cosmetology or aesthetics license to be a makeup artist? 

No, you will only need to get a cosmetology or aesthetics license if you plan on working in a salon or spa or anywhere there is a licensed establishment with State Board of Cosmetology. California is an entertainment state and makeup artist are freelancers working in the entertainment industry.

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