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11-2-2014 4-07-56 PM
Cammua was amazing! I did the 2 day course and learned a ton of stuff. My instructor was Blake and she was wonderful. Very patient and knowledgeable. I told her how much I wanted to work for MAC (found out she actually works for them) so she gave me a lot of helpful hints on how to get my foot in the door.
The owner Gia was also awesome! She really cares about the students that come through her school. She takes calls and texts from me even now since I’ve graduated helping me with questions and giving me advice.

I couldn’t think of any other school I’d have rather gone to. It’s really like a family!

Erin Jimenez- April 6, 2014

I’m so happy I found Cammua. The instructors are amazing; you truly get hands on experience here. I love that you really feel like they are care about you & your career needs! With small class sizes you don’t get lost in the shuffle and get the one on one attention that’s essential to learning. I’m so happy I made the decision to trust them with my career!

Pamela R.  March 31, 2014

Cammua is an awesome school. I learned so much in little time. Amazed!!  Bianca and Gia were super teachers and very patient!  I would definitely recommend this school to any one interested in a career in makeup!  Thank you so much!!

Stacey Falsetta- March 31, 2014

The best decision I ever made for myself ! Cammua is a great school to learn everything you need to know about makeup! And u can retake the classes if you want at no additional charge ! You’ll love the school if you really wanna learn !

Miriam B- March 31, 2014

Coming into CAMMUA I had knowledge of customer day to day makeup. Little did I know there is so many different sides to the cosmetic world! I was fortunate enough to attend this school and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I have made lifetime friends and not only do you learn about the fundamentals of a working makeup artist you gain the support of the whole CAMMUA team. You learn so much information on color matching and skin compatibility with ease and confidence. By the time your instructor has taught you everything the practicing comes naturally. If you feel like you don’t understand something you are always welcome to come back and retake the course which is rad. The learning to working time could be almost immediate after you get your certificate. I would recommend this school to anyone from learning how to do your own makeup to working in the industry!

Carlie Dunk 6-7-13

I am very thankful to come to CAMMUA. I could not believe how much I learn in details. I learned about makeup world. All the knowledge will help a lot. Bianca is most helpful and patient person to learn from. She is th best. First I decided to take 3 day class but I ended up taking 5 day class because of Bianca. I am glad that I took 5 day class. These 5 days were a blast! Now I am going to have wonderful memories from CAMMUA experience. THANKS TO CAMMUA!

Liza Kazi 6-7-13

Cammua Makeup School has been an outstanding experience. Coming from overseas all the way from Pakistan, this course has been worth it all. Gia and Bianca have been sweethearts. They are professionals, full of knowledge and a lot to learn from. I have not only learned a lot but also had an awesome time here. I plan to start my own makeup business in Pakistan and the techniques I have learnt here will really help in future. Can’t be more satisfied! 🙂

Mahwish Gilani 6-7-13

After researching different makeup schools online I finally decided Cammua. I traveled to Newport Beach from Portland, OR to attend the 7 day program. I was nervous at first but Gia and Bianca made me feel comfortable and welcome. I could not believe how much we learned each day. Gia and Bianca were very informative and were very helpful in answering all of my questions. Attending Cammua was one of the best decisions I have made for myself. I feel comfortable enough to start working right away. On top of all of that I made new lifelong friends. I strongly recommend Cammua. 

Ashley Christensen 6-7-13

I enjoy the whole week of classes. The explanation was great, the practice was very helpful. My favorite air brush make up and eyelash extension. I love the fact that we can come back to keep on perfecting our work by retaking the classes. The teachers were super helpful and friendly. Thank you Bianca for the opportunity to learn more and for providing all the tools I need to succeed in this profession. I can’t wait to come back. 

Nancy Silva 5-4-13

I loved me experience at Cammua. I came here only knowing bits and pieces about make up and soaking up all of the information that was taught I can finally say I have the confidence that was needed for me to push forward as a makeup artist. I love Cammua and not to mention it is sooooooo affordable! I rate Cammua 5 stars! 

Tamika Choyce 5-4-13

I had a great experience at this makeup academy. Bianca is an awesome teacher, very nice and lovely. Thank you so much! 

Zohreh Salabi 5-3-13

I had an amazing experience to work with Bianca and other instructors. I learned so much in 5 days about makeup and hair. I’m definitely going back to learn more than what I already learned. 

Naomi 5-3-2013

Cammua is awesome! Not only was this class convenient location wise I feel that I got the best education there. Bianca and other instructors were super helpful and knowledgeable. They made the class fun and entertaining. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in a career in makeup! I feel like I learned so much in the 4 day class. I feel confident that I can go out in the industry and work! I love Cammua team! 

Kayla Rahmatulla 5-2-13

I have to say that I really, really, really enjoyed my classes and Gia is so “the best”! I learned so much in little time, I’m amazed! Thank you so much and I highly recommend CAMMUA for those seeking art and profession in their life. 

Leslie Martinez 4-28-13

I loved the class and learned a lot from it. I thought it was taught really well. I liked how one on one class was. Only thing I’d add is more practice with harder shaped faces or skin tones.

Alyssa Curti 4-21-13

 Cammua was a great makeupschool. The teachers were amazing. You really get what you paid for. I loved all the hands on training. I also enjoyed how the classes were short but had a lot of information.

Megan Fleenor 4-20-13

 I highly recommend CAMMUA! Marylu is a great instructor and cares about every individual she teaches. The best makeup is used in class for the best examples and practice. CAMMUA uses various makeup techniques so you may find a technique to your liking. We, student, are able to attend classes at any time they are held so we can prepare ourselves for the industry!

Lynthia Laguna 4-15-13

 It was great learning from Marylu, the best instructor. Makes you feel super comfortable, very patient. Answers all your questions. Def would love to come back! Very happy!

Griselda Rivera 4-14-13

 First and for most thank you so much for teaching me all these techniques of applying makeup. I really enjoyed my classes; all the teachers were amazing. Gia, Marylou and Norma, all of you were awesome. I’ve learned a lot. And again thank you so much. I hope to stay in contact with all of you.

Rosana Murillo 4-6-13

Very professional! Instructors are very good with the make up techniques. The school is clean and organized.

Suphanit Ballard 4-5-13

This is best school ever! They have really good instructors! I learned so much in so little time. Best part is I can come back anytime for free. Also I love the environment and the people who work here. I am so glad I took this course. I recommend this to anyone that wants a serious career in the makeup industry!

Bianca Shanehsaz 4-3-13

 This is an awesome class. Learned a lot of basic hair up dos and pony tail and how you can get creative with your own style. Marylou is a great instructor, very nice and patient. I definitely recommend everyone to take this class.

Nyva Ear 3-30-13

 The class was a wonderful learning experience. I learned many of the basics as well as the newer trends. The class itself is very well rounded. The instructors make it easy to ask questions and encourage you to learn the best way to get the best look. I highly recommend the makeup and hair class for those that are new to the business or those looking to brush up on new skills.

Frin Biszak 3-30-13

 Class was very informative. Very fast paced. Would have liked to learn a little bit more about color wheel for shadows and blushes. Learned a lot though. Thank you so much!

Christine Malta 3-24-13

 I had a wonderful experience taking the four day course! Definitely want to add the additional days and complete portfolio portion to start my business! Thank you Gia and all the instructors for all of your help! Thanks again!

April Thomas 3-24-13

 CAMMUA has been a great school! I came in knowing nothing about makeup, at the end of the class I knew a lot. I recommend this school to anyone wanting to do makeup. It’s worth the money I paid!

Denise Barela 3-20-13

 Marylu is an amazing teacher. Very hands on and very patient with all of us. The class was very relaxed, fun environment and I looked forward to coming everyday. My family was very impressed on how much I learned so quickly. I highly recommend coming to CAMMUA and especially having Marylu as a teacher. I will definitely spread the world about CAMMUA.

Caitlin Hansen 3-18-13

 I recently participated in CAMMUA’s 6 Day Working Makeup Artist Program and it was fantastic. During the 6 full days I learned so much. Things I wanted to know, needed to know and didn’t even know I needed to know were taught to me in effective ways. My instructor Marylu was knowledgeable, patient and kind. She demonstrated everything to the class as a whole and took the time to give us each individual attention. I feel very prepared completing this program, to begin a career as a makeup artist. The best, in addition, is that I can always come back to refresh the classes.

Christine Ramirez 3-18-13

 To whom in may concern,

My over all experience with CAMMUA 6 days program was absolutely amazing! I honestly learned so many new techniques that I had no idea about. I absolutely adore all the instructors! They are all very honest and helpful with anything and everything! I can’t express enough how happy and satisfied I am with my decision in attending CAMMUA makeup school. I definitely recommend this school to all my girlfriends that are interested in this industry! I can’t wait to begin this new journey that CAMMUA has helped me start. Thank you all so much!

Jannet Zubko 3-10-13

 When I began attending CAMMUA I thought I knew everything about makeup and thought I will be bored! Oh boy was I wrong! I was doing everything wrong and when I was wrong it was wrong! I learned a lot from the instructor although I was yelled at couple of times I enjoyed it. I had great classmates and the teachers were the best. I loved the school and learned a lot. I will miss everyone. CAMMUA has been the best school and hope to be back for other classes!

Maribel Servellon 2-23-13

 I enjoyed this class and all the inspiration to continue in my journey to makeup professional.

Linda Thompson 2-15-13

 CAMMUA definitely taught me what I was missing all this time. I can finally fully put my looks together using the correct sematics and techniques. I definitely got my money’s worth with this class and I hope I can come back to finish the rest of the class. I would recommend it to anyone.

Jasmine Barnes 2-10-13

 My goal was to find a great quality makeup school at a cost I could afford while also not missing too much work. My week at CAMMUA was so valuable and enjoyable, I learned so much in such a short span of time. If you’re looking to do makeup as a career, don’t rely on Youtube! CAMMUA teaches easy to learn techniques while working on other people. The teachers are awesome! Honest, down to earth, no B.S. I am so glad I chose CAMMUA, totally worth every penny!

Aurora Boxwell 2-9-13

 I love Bianca and Mary Lou – together they have taught me how to properly do make up and hair. CAMMUA is a great school to go to due to its flexibility and intense training to become your own business. You truly get what you put it so of this is your passion you’ll do well. I am glad to now be a graduate joining the CAMMUA team 🙂

Hollie “Berry” Nguyen 2-9-13

 This school has been awesome! I have learned so many techniques and so many different looks. I am extremely excited to put all my learning to work. Mary Lou and Bianca are wonderful teachers too. They both give you a lot of one-on-one attention and guide you through each step. They’re not afraid to tell you if you’re doing something wrong and always give you positive feedback if you’ve done a good job! At first I was nervous but after the first hour I felt great! Would definitely recommend!

Laura Schultz 2-9-13

 Now that I have completed CAMMUA make up program I can turn my make up hobby into a lucrative profession. My experience at this school is priceless. Thanks to the whole CAMMUA family!

Nichelle Luarca 1-23-13

 I had a fabulous experience! Great class and teachers make it easy to learn. I look forward to visiting and getting into the field!

Chelsea Ellison 1-22-13

 I can’t even begin to say how much I loved the class! I feel like I have all the tools now to begin my new career in make up, of course with lots of practice first! I really wanted to come and gain some confidence to feel comfortable with clients and I have totally got that! It’s crazy to actually see in person how much knowledge the instructor has with every single product out there. Her teaching is awesome! Loved Marylou and CJ! This was a great decision to come and enjoyed every second of it!

Jessica Brewer 1-17-13

 Working with the instructor was amazing and educational! I felt right at home and not all nervous. It was a lot of useful information that I didn’t realize I didn’t know about. I feel very comfortable in coming back to extend my education in other areas. The great thing about this is we can always come back to retake the same course if needed. I’m definitely going to be recommending other friends. The products they use are amazing and quality name brands. Go CAMMUA!

Amy Dang 1-13-13

 I feel this class taught me a bunch about make up application that I did not know (that I thought maybe I did know). I loved learning about foundation, mixing colors and learning the color wheel. This class allows you to practice on others. You get to experience different facial features which is a plus if you have no one at home to practice on. The instructor is stern but precise and the class has all the necessities to practice/learn the basics and more. I must practice and practice to gain perfection. Thanks CAMMUA make up school!

Yvonne Palomino 1-13-13

 I felt like the two day classes were great. We covered good amount in fourteen hours. I look forward to coming back and recommending friends.

Riley Beutier 1-13-13

 Cammua is a great makeup school. I learned so much from the instructor, and she will help you out in every step of the way.  She will answer all of your questions and will always be there if you need help. Thank you!

Hanh T.  8-29-12

 Cammua was a great experience. I’ve always worn makeup but never did I know the technique that I learned here. The girls I worked with were great, and I feel privileged to have been taught by the best instructors!

Esmeralda H. 8-29-12

Thank you very much for the opportunity to improve my skills. Your class was wonderful and I cannot wait to practice all that I have learned!

Jennifer D.   8-21-12

 Attending Cammua has been a very positive experience for me. Leah is a patient and caring instructor. She walked me through the class and made sure I had each lesson down before I finished the course. Makeup is a second act for me after working in civil service and private industry for over 30 years. I thought the photo shoot would be intimidating but Gia and Joe made me feel completely comfortable and the shoot turned out better than expected. They also provided a wonderful model. I would recommend Cammua to anyone considering makeup as a career.

Tanya R.  8-11-12

 I am very happy with Cammua and the whole program. When I first was introduced to the school and the experience was very pleasant, then I got to take the 6 day course which helped me learn the foundation of makeup and hair. Bianca, my instructor for the hair and makeup program was very nice and knowledgeable about what she was teaching. I had a great experience here and I will definitely refer my friends and anyone I know want to learn makeup and hair to Cammua. Thank you!

Zhasmena Z.  7-27-12

 I had a fantastic time! Bianca and Alex were SO informative! It was a lot of info to take in, so I may retake the class on a future date to make sure I didn’t forget anything! The business portion of the course was priceless info that I had been dying to learn! Thank you so much for everything that was taught in the course! 5 stars!

Kat M. 7-27-12

 I loved the classes, very informative and very easy to understand. The instructors were very nice and went into detail on everything that was covered in class. The makeup kit is great and has everything I need to get started. Bianca answered every question I already had and gave me more information on the questions I asked.

Amber F. 7-27-12

I knew nothing about makeup artistry or hairstyling before attending Cammua. I learned many techniques and styles. The best part for me personally is having the opportunity to come back and refresh my new skills….for free! Being able to retake classes allows me to perfect my skills and build confidence in my abilities

Shay S.  7-22-12

All the classes I have taken at Cammua have been so helpful. Marylou is a fantastic teacher! She is so knowledgeable and she is always available to help you, even after class is over. The hair class I completed today with Bianca was awesome! I was so “hair challenged” but now I feel confident enough to keep practicing. I have taken several classes through Cammua and they have all been wonderful! I will keep coming back to Cammua!

Jamie C. 7-22-12

Great School! I learned so much in just five days. I would totally refer Cammua to anyone who is interested in doing makeup artistry. All the instructors are so helpful and friendly. I feel very lucky to have attended Cammua.

Jillian S. 7-22-12

I have been looking at makeup schools for a while. I have been doing hair/makeup for friends and family events for 7 years …for FREE! Yes, free! Simply because I was not confident enough In myself to charge. I found this program by accident but am happy I did. The schedule and locations are super flexible. You can take whatever courses you feel you need and if you feel you need more practice in something you can go back and retake the class for free. Joe and Gia were both super awesome on the phone and in our first meeting. My instructor Bianca was super knowledgeable and always willing to answer questions answer questions and even move a little bit off topic to discuss different techniques and styles. Bianca and I spent three weekends together. She’s awesome, I’m sad that I won’t see her for awhile!  I was doubtful at first but my doubts have been erased! Definitely check this place out!

Victoria P.  7-22-12

 The class was amazing! I was taught something new every day and I loved it. I will definitely be back and I recommend this class to anyone who wants to pursue a career in makeup artistry! Take this class!

Brianna P. 7-13-12

 I spent a great time learning different techniques in doing makeup. I met a great friendly staff and I really love to work with them!

Ahlam A.  7-13-12    Bahrain- Saudi Arabia

 This was by far the best experience. I have learned far more than I imagined! There is no way I could have done it without Cammua teachers, they are not your typical instructors and are so down to earth. Their passion shows in class and motivates me. I can’t say thank you enough. I appreciated everything. I will always recommend this school. Thank you!

Casandra T. 7-13-12

 I absolutely loved the airbrush class-Fx class ! I learned so much, including tips and tricks. The class offered tons of information and techniques. I would definitely take another class with Cammua and recommend it to makeup artists of all levels!

Brittany B.     3-12-12

 Cammua was definitely a learning experience.  Whether you know a little or a lot this Academy gives you the tools you”ll need to become an artist. Not only your instructor but your class mates will help you along your way. Cammua can fit any budget to prepare you for your future career!

Marissa J.        4-11-12

 It was an amazing experience !! Learned so much and had fun. Very practical and to the point which was perfect for me.

Claudia G.     3-31-12

 Love the program, will highly recommend Gia and Bianca are awesome, Thanks Ladies.

Jenny G.    3-31-12

 After searching and searching school after school Im glad I made the right choice by attending Cammua. Seriously the best investment Ive made. You learn so much and are hands on which I love. Bianca is the best teacher ever, She will teach you what you need to know about the industry and make sure you are ready to begin your career and put yourself out there with confidence. And Joe is just the nicest along with Gia. Just the nicest people. I walked into cammua to learn and nothing more and in return I learned more than what I expected and got to know 3 of the greatest people I know and now consider family. Thanks Bianca, Gia and Joe !

Kari   3-31-12

 I took the two day course and was totally impressed by the various techniques we learned in such a small period of time. Bianca was very thorough and explained everything and went into tons of detail for every step. I learned so many things and cant wait to use everything I have learned on my clients.

Nancy Z.    3-31-12

 I liked that it was a small group and I loved that as soon as we learned something new we immediately practiced it. This is a super hands on experience. It is fast paced but makes sense . Marylou is super honest so if you do a bad job she will let you know. And will tell you how to fix it. And if you do a great job, she lets you know that to. You will not just learn how to do great makeup you will also learn how to start your career as a makeup artist. Great atmosphere .

Jolanne      3-31-12

 This class was amazing I learned a lot from the instructor. Marylou is a great teacher. And I will send any of my friends to the school anytime. 100 % Satisfied.

Connie I.  3-31-12

 It was a wonderful experience  here at Cammua Makeup Academy I love the staff. I learned a lot and they always answer my questions.

Nina P.     3-31-13

 I really loved the 5 day class I took. The people are very nice and the classes are very flexible also, it was extremely fun! I learned so much in such a short time. The fact that it was a short time also meant that you can get a career or work started fast. I would definitely recommend this school to other people. Thank you Cammua.

Aleena S.      3-27-12


I learned a lot coming to Cammua makeup academy. I wanted to learn more. I loved my class mates and teacher. Great experience and learning experience.

Gwendy M.    3-12-12


My experience at cammua Academy was great. I met wonderful friends and our instructor was awesome. Im really going to miss them. When I first started I didn’t know much stuff about applying makeup on customers but going to school at Cammua made me know the smallest details. It was a great experience.

Carmina G.   3-12-12


The whole 10 weeks were AWESOME! I’ve learned so much from Bianca she is a great instructor!!! Thanks so much for everything.

Sylvia R.    3-12-12


First I would like to express how happy Iam that I attended Cammua. It is everything in a makeup school I was looking for. It is mostly hands on with some lecture to really explain and understand the application of makeup, which is how I learn best. Bianca is a phenomenal instructor. She is caring about her students and as well helpful. She really wants her students to do well. I appreciate her and her knowledge as my instructor. Cammua is beyond a great makeup school. I felt as if I were part of a family and I know if I ever have any questions or concerns in the future I know tte staff will be there to help and advise me. As well as graduated students. I would also like to add the classes really emphasize on cleanliness which is a huge plus. I would definitely recommend to come to cammua.

Laura H.       3-12-12


I just wanted to thank  Gia, Bianca and Joe for this 10 weeks of education. I learned so much and had a great time with all of my classmates. Thank you Bianca for being such a great instructor and being able to take our classes when needed. The hard work you guys do is awesome I would definitely refer people to Cammua.

Judith G.     3-12-12


Cammua gave me the confidence and skills to do makeup on someone other than myself.  I love it that I can come back free anytime and brush up on my skills. Thanks Gia and Joe

Melonie S.      3-12-12


I had the best experience at CAMMUA from day 1 all the way to my last day. Marylou is amazing, her techniques are very easy to learn in a fast/short period of time.  I learned so much in a 3 day period.  I looked around for a long time looking for sessions that only focused on makeup and I have to say CAMMUA was the best choice.  I truly recommend this school for any aspiring makeup artist.

Rosemary Serrano 2-11-2012


I liked that is was a small group and I loved that as soon as we learned something new we immediately practiced it.  This is a super hands on experience.  It’s fast paced but it makes sense.  is super honest so if you do a bad job she will let you know and will tell you how to fix it, and if you do a great job she will tell you too.  You won’t just learn  how to do a great make up but you will also learn how to start your career as a makeup artist.  It is a great atmosphere and I felt welcomed.

Jolanne 2-10-2012


Going to CAMMUA makeup artist school was a life changing experience.  Meeting Bianca, who is an amazing and caring person.  She is a great teacher and will make sure you are on the right path to success.

Stephanie Barker 1-11-2012


Gia and Joe are the most welcoming and helpful business professionals out there.   Joe is extremely encouraging and all around very positive to be around.  Gia is on the best instructors I have ever had. She has more than 30 years experience and is extremely down to earth.  This is by far the best school I have attended.  Joe and Gia are one of a kind, and I will definitely look forward to attending more of their classes.  If you are looking for a make up school CAMMUA is by far the best and I highly recommend them.

Julia Malin      1-8-2012


My experience at CAMMUA’s Basic Beauty course was awesome!  The course was fun, fast paced, and taught me so much in only two days.  Gia and Joe are very passionate about what they do and it shows in their quality of instruction.  I highly recommend Cammua to anyone who has a passion for makeup!  I will definently be back for further my training.  Thanks, Cammua!

Gabriela Vallesi   1-8-2012


Better than I expected !!! From not knowing anything, to learning how to match foundations to different skin tones…is huge !   Totally recommend to anyone and everyone.

Charry Savath Hon     1-8-2012


I had a great experience at CAMMUA Makeup Artist School.  I recommend this make up school to everyone because you will learn more from instructors in Cammua in days than else where that takes months.  Bianca is a great instructor that has a passion for the school and her students.

Vanessa Ray    1-8-2012


My experience at CAMMUA Makeup School was amazing.  In just three days I learned a lot.  Mostly technique and all about being a makeup artist.  The teachers are so friendly and fun to be around for so long.  They are very informative and helpful, watching as you go.  I can’t wait to come back and get better.

Amanda Gottlieb    12-29-2011
After researching many schools the most appealing thing was customizing the length of schooling.  I am adding to my career so these shorter programs fit into my schedule.  I traveled from out of state to get the best education and I got it.  Gia and Joe run a top notch school because of there amazing talent.  I give it 5 stars !!!  🙂

Leight Tarrant    12-30-2011


CAMMUA is a great way to learn everything about the make up world, Gia is a great motherly, authority figure (LOL) but she does want you to succeed and she gives you the tools that you need to do so. Although I was intimidated in the beginning I don’t think I will be able to stay away from Gia now or her beautiful daughter Bianca “Baby B”!.   Thanks for believing in me and not letting me give up just because I couldn’t get the hang of certain things.  Much Love G-dogg.  See you soon !!!!

Keara     12-23-2011


CAMMUA is an adventure.  One may have a hard time understanding the concepts or may pass with ease.  Whatever your circumstance, if you be hurdled in the industry at full force, CAMMUA is for you.. Bianca and Gia know EVERYTHING about the business and what it entails.  Be warned, Joe will call you off the hook to take a tour.  Do it !!!!

Tiffany Vasquez      12-23-2011
I had a wonderful time at CAMMUA.  The book is first class as are the instructors.  Gia and Bianca showed me more than I could comprehend and are so great.  They have offered help when I felt I needed it. I am positive this has helped me in getting to my goal.  Thanks so much all of you!

Linda Cook     12-23-2011
My experience at Cammua was awesome. I found out about the school through a fashion magazine.  I researched the program, I was skeptical at first because of the short classes but after being taught by Gia.  I am glad I chose this type of program.  Her teaching methods are wonderful and you are able to learn the material in the time given.  Our second instructor Bianca was also wonderful, she was extremely helpful and unjudgemental.  Another wonderful thing about the program is that they allow you to refresh any portion you are uncomfortable with as many times until you are confident for no extra charge.  I would strongly recommend this program to anyone especially people who work because it’s not lengthy.



When I completed the 6 day artistry course I left feeling confident that I would be able to achieve my goal working as a make up artist.  We received all the tools and techniques that will allow me to work and continually improve.  I will definitely tell anyone that is interested in make-up artistry business to check out CAMMUA.  Gia & Christina are fabulous instructors.

Michelle McEntrye   11-19-2011


I researched dozens of make up artistry schools before attending CAMMUA.  Compared to the rest, Gia Deo’s method of teaching is superior and of top notch quality!  I am totally satisfied with my over all experience and self-assured that I chose the best school.  Thanks Gia!

 Sacha Manuel     11-19-2011


Before signing up for the 6 day Class I was very skeptical about being able to learn how to do makeup in so little time.  Now that I am done I’m so glad I did it.  Gia is so knowledgeable and does not hold back on her knowledge.  Christina who taught the hair class was also great!  I recommend CAMMUA to anyone looking to become a professional makeup artist, it’s the best !

Maricela Gonzalez    11-19-2011


I felt the classes I took at CAMMUA were amazing!  The tips I learned from Gia’s techniques took my knowledge to a whole other level.  What I learned in 5 classes, is what most students learn in a year.  I would recommend CAMMUA to any individual wanting to further their career as a make up artist, or anyone just wanting to gain skills to apply their own make up.  Gia Deo is an amazing artist and I suggest every aspiring artist to learn her techniques of make up.

Valerie Nichols   11-19-2011


What can I say !  It turned out to be everything I expected and way more.  I finally know the proper techniques for applying make up.  I love my kit.  The quality of the products are the best of the best.  Our make up manual is amazing.   It easily explains in detail everything we need to know from hygiene  to make up applications to how to work with clients.. Over experience was great and a lot of fun !

Vanessa Iacovelli  – Canada       11-16-2011


I was kind of skeptical at first when I first heard about a makeup school that teaches you all about makeup artistry in just a few days to a week.  But after I took the 3 day course, I was BLOWN AWAY  at how much I learned each day !  I feel so comfortable leaving this school and doing makeup on clients.  It took me from being shy and nervous ant makeup application, to super confident !  I would recommend CAMMUA to absolutely anyone who wanted to become a GREAT makeup artist !  It was the best makeup school by far !

Ashley Enders    11-16-2011


Had an amazing week with Gia and Joe and everyone at CAMMUA !  Couldn’t be happier with the all around training !  So happy to be a part of the CAMMUA family and look forward to all the fun adventures ahead !  Thanks

Tina Ward    San Clemente, CA 09-30-11

If you’re anything like me, CAMMUA is the right place for you.  I did not know anything about make up or the industry.  I took the Master Pro program and I’ve learned so much in a week.  I am as a makeup artist ready to go out there and build my name.  Not only did I have alot of fun but I also discovered my artist side which I feel proud of.  I of course will continue to learn and try to prefect my skill but I know I have a strong foundation to build upon that.

Jen Pham   Dubai- UA  09-30-11


CAMMUA Makeup School is very helpful. Gia really tries to help out her students by offering after school help & photoshoots with Joe.  Her techniques are helpful as well. I had alot of fun learning about airbrush and eyeshadow techniques.

Ariel Lewis   09-30-11


I ‘ll admit , I was scared to come to just a week long class; it sounded too good to be true…  but I don’t think I’ve ever made a better decision.  I learned so much every single day I was here.  Gia really was amazing and really cares about her students.  I walked away feeling more confident and encouraged than I thought I would!

Lauren Reid  Phonenix, AZ   9-30-11


This class was amazing. We learned not only the basics of makeup.  We learned about product, the industry, era’s & the difference between things like high fashion makeup and beauty makeup.  Not only was the information up to date yest was fun to practice.  You meet so many people & already start networking with your classmates.  Joe and Gia are amazing and down to earth.  They are truthful and never give up till you get out of the class all that you want. Thanks for the great opportunity 🙂

Jessica Ford  Fairbanks, Alaska    9-30-11


Going to CAMMUA was a fun and very enjoyable time.  Learning the basics all the way through high fashion make-up was such a wonderful learning experience, especially with Gia as the instructor, she is very knowledgable and loves make-up like no other. I believe that knowing the basics is the pathway to success ane learning the more difficult techniques, and CAMMUA will give you that fundamentals that you will need to be successful in the industry.

Mhel   9-30-11


THE CLASS WAS EXCELLENT!  I am so glad that the first make-up class that I took is with Gia.  She is very detailed and makes sure you understand the technique before moving on to the next method.  I learned so much and I like her methods and techniques.

Gee Foo 9-27-11 


I really enjoyed my experience at CAMMUA.  The instructor ( Gia) had a great, no b-s approac to teaching, and things made sense when she explained them.  I would recommend this school to anyone, and will be coming back for more classes, especially the special FX one !

Breanna  9-28-11  Orange County


The experience I had this past week was priceless.  I am so happy I came all this way to CAMMUA.  It opened my eyes to a whole new world.  Gia was very knowledgable and her makeup is beautiful .  She taught me so manny little things, pointers and details.  I would definately reccomend anyone who loves makeup and who really wants to really learn to come here.  I really appreiciate that Gia took the time to stay behind on her own time to show me things that I was not able to get during class.  I would love to enter the mentorship program and learn more from Gia.  I look forward to coming back to CA soon, maybe even for the Miss Newport Beach pageant pending no Hurricanes…lol

Stephanie Saint-Louis  8-26-11   New York


I have always had a love and a passion for make up.  Even though I considered myself to be self taught, I realized that I wanted to step up my game.  I called CAMMUA, took a tour and knew instantly I was in the right place.  Gia is the master at what she does.  I was impressed with her knowledge and experience.   The program is set up in such a way that you leave with confidence knowing that you are on your way to a great career.  I understand proper sanitation, color matching, even styling hair (which was an added bonus).  I am proud to have been professionally trained by GIa Deo.  She is the bomb dot com!

TraChanel D. Williams 8-27-11  Upland, Ca


Hello my name is Vanessa Vilela and I attended the 7 day program at CAMMUA in Upland and I can honestly say I am so happy I picked this makeup school.  I learned so many things I didn’t knw before.  Gia is an awesome teacher.  Thank you so much Gia, this was a great experience.  From the start I’ve had a passion for makeup.  But now I am more passionate and excited to make my dream of being a professional makeup artist happen.  I would suggest CAMMUA to everyone who wants to be a makeup artist.  It really is a GREAT school 🙂

Vanessa Vilela  Upland, CA  08-27-11


Class was better and than expected.  Makeup kit is awesome!  Have no complaints just comments- Great School ! Learned so much !  Can’t wait to see what I can do back home in Honolulu, HI

Rita Lee 8-26-11   Honolulu, HI


The class was amazing!

I learned a lot from Gia

Really enjoyed everything

Thank you all

Bosmat Jonas   8-26-11  Orange County, CA


CAMMUA gave me the best week of my summer, possibly in my life.  The creative freedom was still structured so I learned more than I could ever explain.

Elizabeth Brownstein 8-26-11 Santa Barabara, Ca


I loved everything about CAMMUA.  There should be no question changing anything about the program.  I learned more than I expected.  Thanks so much for everything!  It was a great experience.

Amanda Emery 8-26-11  Orange County, CA


Gia is Amazing !  I came in not knowing what to expect and felt scared with matching foundation and contouring.  By the end of the course  I felt more confidence and with practice, patience and time I know I can achieve my goals.

Carolina Alvarado  8-26-11 Riverside, CA


I absolutely loved everything about CAMMUA.  I love how Gia and Joe treat their students like family.  Every day was a pleasure and I believe it is the best decision I ever made.  I will definately be a part of the CAMMUA family for ever!  I will definetly recommend this school to everyone !!

Claudia Vella 8-26-11  Orange County, Ca


The school is amazing.  GIa is an amazing teacher, she taught me stuff I didn’t know about make-up. With her as a teacher i give her thumbs up.  Probably the only make-up artist I’ll go to or ask advice. It was hard at first but I’ll never give up because she taught me to push myself to be a make-up artist like Gia.   Thank you Gia and Joe for the amazing experience. It was fun hope to see you guys soon.

Amber Hernandez 8-26-11  Orange County, CA


I like this school alot.  I learned alot by taking this class.  I wish you guys well in this business, and I am thinking about taking the 3 month mentorship.

Arianna Hernandez  8-26-11  Orange County, Ca


I enjoyed every minute of the CAMMUA class. I can’t wait to come back learn more!  Gia was so helpful and welcoming.  I felt very comfortable and can’t believe how much I learned in just two days !  Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Dominique James 8-23-11


My experience at Cammua was a great learning experience.  I learned so much.  I will come back to improve my skills.  I will highly recommend this school.  Gia is a wonderful and honest person.  I feel confident with the new skills that I have learned.  Cammua met my expectations.

Araceli Gallardo  8-21-11


The overall class went really well, Gia is so easy to get along with and she really helped me to feel confident with my work.  I felt the school guided me in the right direction to exactly where I want and need to be throughout the makeup industry!  Thank you for this amazing opportunity!  xo

Caitlin Ellis 8-14-11


My time here at CAMMUA exceeded all my expectations.  GIa is caring and genuinely wants all her students to succeed. The makeup kit is amazing!  I had so much fun and learned so much at the same time.  Thank you so much !

Andrea Aranda  8-14-11


I had an awesome time learning Gia’s techniques. Gia’s input and straight-forwardness pushed me harder to learn quick and efficiently. It was my first makeup class and I feel it gave me a strong foundation to begin my makeup artist career.

Roswana Robles 8-12-11
Great, Great, Great. Best 3 days ever! Gia is great. Thanks for the opportunity!
Ms. Jai 8-7-11
I had a really great time and learned more than I thought. I’d definitely recommend this! Gia was a great teacher as well and had a great teaching method.
Brittany Rodriguez 8-5-11
I have been to several makeup training academys through out the united states. When I read about CAMMUA and toured the academy I was so impressed and knew this was where I wanted to learn to do professional makeup. They were the variety I was seeking with the highest quality training. It’s with confidence, information, and skills that I go forward as a makeup artist. I love Gia, she is the best!
Carol Haitron 7-25-11


The class was very informative. Leah was a great instructor, very clear in her explanations and very patient.  She made sure I learned the steps before moving on to a new lesson.  The class was definately worth the money

Graciela Lopez  Bonita, CA   7-22-11   Chula Vista School


Im so glad I chose Cammua! I had fun and learned so much in a small amount of time. The instructors were amazing. Gia, who was intimidating at first, is a very talented make-up artist that just wants the best for her students. Love you Gia! Thank you for everything!
Rose Lasprilla 7-3-11
Cammua has helped me alot! Without going to this class I wouldn’t know the technique and beauty that I know now. Gia and Joe are very helpful. You will learn a lot and it will prepare you for the make-up artist industry. They are always there for questions and answers. Thank you Cammua for a great experience.
Johanna Bautista 7-31-11
I had an amazing time at CAMMUA. I learned so much everyday. The course was fun and informative. Gia, Joe, and all the other instructors were fantastic and took the time to really teach me. I’m glad I chose CAMMUA.
Claudia Alejandre 7-28-11
I love the class! The teachers were amazing, the staff excellent. I learned all the basics and more! You can’t go wrong here with all the help during and after class. Its the best!
Chelsea Reese 7-24-11
CAMMUA was far greater than what I expected. The whole program exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t believe i was the same girl that walked in when I walked out on the last day. I would definitely recommend the program to everybody looking to be a true professional makeup artist.
Chelsea Orduno 7-20-11
Attending CAMMUA was a great decision! Everyone on staff was very friendly and helpful. I feel so ready to begin my career as a MUA. Thank you Gia!
Maya Halabi 7-19-11
Cammua was a great experience. I learned a lot more than what i expected. Gia really does have so much information and knows her stuff. I am also happy to hear that we are always welcome to come back to further out education. I am excited to become an amazing makeup artist and look forward to being successful doing so. 
Thank you Cammua & Gia
Veronica Carranza 7-28-2011
Attending Cammua was a great experience for me as a growing MUA. Although I’ve taken other courses elsewhere in the past, I honestly feel that i have still learned a lot of new things I didn’t know before. Gia is a strict, yet caring teacher. You can tell she has a sincere interest in her students learning and growing as artists. Gia is the bomb teacher!
Theresa Orozco 7-15-2011
Enjoyed this class 100%. honestly i looked into a lot of schools for MUA and none fit the prices that Gia had. The makeup kit is excellent. I love how it is hands on teaching. Gia is a great teacher whom is forward about everything which is great because we need an honest opinion. This is a great class to take and you will not regret it at all.
Laly Huitron 7-15-20011
I liked this school a lot! Gia was harsh, but it was to only make us better students so that we can walk out of here feeling as confident as can be, and be successful. I would not look at any other schools, because this one is the best!
Taylor Lamborghini 7-15-2011
Gia is a talented and experienced  make up artist, an excellent teacher and a strong and passionate women who inspires her students. Taking this course with Gia makes you feel confident that you’re with someone that truly knows the business. She trains you to be a skilled make up artist, and a successful professional.

Arlene Torejjes, South Panam, 7-11-2011


This class was exactly what I was expecting and more. I never knew how the highlight or contour. And didn’t know how you could use foundation. Gia is a very good instructor and knows what she is talking about. I can actually fill like I am prospered to go onto a set and work.

Anna Manriquez    Lindsay, CA     July 10, 2011


I loved the class. I learned things I never knew. Gia is an awesome teacher she makes sure we do things right and is always here to answer our questions.

Alexandra Medel     Rancho Cucamonga, CA     July 10, 2011


I’ve learned a lot after taking this class. I want to thank Gia. She’s really nice and patient with students. I wish I had more time to learn more.

Brook Ngo     July 10, 2011


Honestly loved the classes. First enrolled in the 2 day program and upgraded to the 6 day program. They will set you up for life. I love Cammua!

Stefanie Courteau    Anaheim, CA     July 1, 2011


I really enjoyed the fast pace of the class. Because it was real plus what you always go to in real work. The kits were amazing and all will last me for a while. Gia is amazing and help me with anything I needed. Joe is also great and knows how to have good conversation with. In all the experience from this class will reflect on all my work in the future. Thank you for everything guys.

Michael Cypher    Anaheim, CA  July 1, 2011


Very welcoming, I can tell they want every student to succeed in the area they want to be in. I feel that I learned tons in the short amount of time. Joe and Gia are great!

Roland Rayes  Whittier, CA  July 1, 2011


Cammua make up school was probably the best decision I’ve made. Bianca was great, taught us all the basics needed to go big with make up looks. She also pushes you until you get it right. It was a great experience and also a great feeling walking out with the knowledge of everything I learned and knowing I can always go back to get help with anything I need is great.

Guadalupe Ventura      Elk Grove, CA    July 1, 2011


Cammua taught me so much and made me feel very confident. I feel like I am off to a great start in the field of beauty due to this class! Gia is a great teacher.

Michelle Schindler    Newport Beach, CA    June 28, 2011


I loved it! Well worth it! They are big on details and care a lot about what you learn. They even picked us up from our hotel!

Michelle Sanders     Wichita, KS June 23, 2011


I took the 4 day make up/ hair class at Cammua and I really enjoyed it.   Every day is fun, yet different. They really explain everything well and make sure you understand it. I enjoyed myself each day!

Hayley Sanders     Wichita, KS    June 23, 2011


Professional, Friendly and high quality make up kit. I will be back for more classes.

Maria Nery    San Luis, AZ     June 23, 2011


Cammua was great. My week at school has prepared me for the next step in my career! The make up kit has everything you need to get started the day after you finish your course. Gia is great. She really pushes you.

Holly Jones    Grangeville, Idaho   June 24, 2011


Cammua is a great make up school. I feel more confident as a make up artist now that I have graduated from Cammua. Thank you Gia, Joe, Sergio, and Janet

Tiffany Do    Garden Grove, CA     June 24, 2011


I really liked CAMMUA because:

-Gia knows her stuff and has great teaching skills

-Their make up kit rocks!

-Their school setting is professional!

-They (Gia and Joe) actually answer their phones! Other schools don’t even care about students enough   to answer the phones. They care about their students and business.

-It’s like one big happy family!

-You can re-take any class you feel you need to touch up on

-Prices are great and includes a lot! Comparing all the other schools I toured, everything was separate. Such as: hair course, airbrush course, kit, professional photo shoot. Here, I got a great deal where everything is included and tailored to fit my needs.

-Finally I feel like Cammua/Gia actually “cares” and takes an interest to personally help me succeed.

Nancy Urbina    June 24,2011


I want to start by saying Thank you to Gia. You are a great caring person/teacher. I learned so much in your class. Cammua school is Excellent! Gia you are the best… I love make up more than ever now, and I thought I already did!!!! I look forward in the future and I hope I get to work with you !

Norma Torres   Pico Rivera, CA June 26, 2011


I took a 2 days class and I learned so much at Cammua school, but more so from Gia. My experience has been wonderful. I would recommend Cammua to anyone that is serious in the make up industry. I now leave with confident and ready to add on make up service to my salon. Thank  you Cammua and Gia.

Chuc-Trinh Ngoyen    San Bernadino, CA   June 7, 2011


Thank you Cammua! Loved the teachers Gia and Sergio, they are awesome and very funny! I love the fact that it’s a fast class with everything you need, leaving out all the “mumbo jumbo” other places fill their classes with! It’s also nice to know that you can come back anytime you want for advice, questions and/or to go over the class again. Who else offers that, without charging extra?

Aola PascuzzsCovina, CA June 9, 2011


Cammua makeup school was more than I ever imagined. The skilled and expertise that Gia brings to the class is inspiring, motivating and professional. The make up forever kits have set a solid foundation for me to put my new knowledge to practice. I came here with little experience and am leaving with confidence and a desire to push myself with makeup artistry. Gia is a wonderful teacher who has no problem with telling you when a technique is wrongfully used/applied but pushes you at the same time to strive for perfection professionalism and etiquette. Joe does a wonderful job at keeping us updated with Cammua social media which helps me feel connected to the wonderful school and team at all times and forever. Thank you Sergio for helping me believe I can pursue hair alongside make up. Thank  you most of all Gia for your time, commitment, and energy.   This course was great because of you. Good luck with everything in the future. This is just the beginning. You rock!

Pooja Ghosh     June 18, 2011


I felt comfortable in this class. Gia and all the girls in class were awesome. I like how Gia teaches. It scare me to mess up, but that’s the only way I will learn. The way Gia teaches just makes you want to learn, step by step. I really loved this class, and I’m glad I choose Cammua.

 Belen Lopez   Riverside, CA     June 5, 2011


When I put my info in on the website on a Friday night I didn’t expect to get a response right away, but I did. I even scheduled a tour the following Tuesday with Joe. Joe was very helpful and informative and made me feel comfortable in my decision to take a make up course at Cammua. Classes with Gia was beyond my expectations. I learned so much and was surprised at how much can be taught in such little time. I would definitely and already haverecommended this school to my friends and family. Sergio classes helped me understand hair. I will take the lessons learned to help me with my futurecareer. All in all, I love the fact that Gia, Joe, and Sergio are all there for you when need the help. Even after  you completed the course.

Jackie H. Anchana  June 18, 2011


Gia is an amazing artist. I took the 7 day course and it was so wonderful. She taught us techniques that I never know existed. The classes were so much fun as well as knowledgeable. Joe was also amazing and always took great pictures of us working. He was the one I talked to and he was super nice showing me the make up kit and explain everything to me. The classes were full of information, but Gia made everything so easy for us to process. The kit is spectacular!!! All professional products. Gia is a great mentor and friend. She always made me feel wonderful and gave us advice to better our work. Sergio was also great, he was so friendly and professional. He taught us awesome tricks to do on hair that looks great. Everyone at Cammua was super amazing! I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Im glad I took this and now I have confidence to go out and make things happen! Hank you CAMMUA!

Ayra Amigon   Fontana, CA    June 18, 2011


Cammua is the best school! Gia is an amazing teacher and down to earth. The classes are small and the class environment is friendly. I’m glad that I found Cammua. Joe was so helpful and friendly. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to become a make up artist. You won’t regret spending your money at Cammua.

Denise Garcia  Ontario, CA    June 18, 2011


Coming into Cammua, I was nervous about my little experience with make up and wasn’t sure if I could succeed in mastering the concepts. From the start, Gia’s vibe alone put my worries at ease. Not only is she an amazing make up artist but an amazing teacher and mentor, which is crucial. Gia allows you to be comfortable in exploring your talents and is patient with everyone. What I loved was her constant reassurance that all her students will walk out as confident make up artists which is so true! Seriously, anyone who has the opportunity to work with Gia needs to take advantage ASAP! She will push you to bring out all the skills you never knew you had! Amazing artist, teacher, mentor, and friend! Sergio also teaches hair and is extremely skilled! You will learn so many techniques and hair secrets, definitely worth the time and money! Love you Gia, Joe and Sergio.

Maysa Hamdallah   Upland, CA    June 12, 2011


I always knew I wanted to become a professional makeup artist but didn’t quite know how to get there.  Gia helped me refine my existing skill set as well as uncover talents I didn’t know I had. Her tricks of the trade are priceless and I will carry what I learned at Cammua with me for the rest of my professional career.  I believe that the small class size and personal attention offered by Gia herself are what makes Cammua the perfect makeup academy.

 Daniella Mohammadi


At Cammua I was able to learn makeup, Hairstyle, and airbrush techniques in 4 days. I was given a certificate that specifically states all the skills I learned. The class environment is friendly and very comfortable and yet compacted with so much information. Iam very glad I made the choice to come and learn at Cammua. Gia and Sergio are awesome teachers!

May 19th Class – Irene 


Gia is an awesome and genuine teacher and makeup artist. She is down to earth and straight forward in her teaching, and definitely knows her stuff! Learning airbrush makeup was the best part and the most fun, and after the course was completed, I felt so completely confident in going out and truly starting my career as a makeup artist. You wont regret spending your money at Cammua!

May 19th Class – Lori Purcell

Cammua made Makeup Artistry a true experience. Gia and Sergio are true professionals in their field. I would recommend this school to anyone who is interested in learning makeup artistry

May 19th Class – Leticia Wilkins


 I took the 2 day weekend course in Newport Beach. Class was great! Gia the instructor, was very informative and honest. You will learn good tips and achieve flawless foundation application and countless other things that will serve you well when you go to work in the makeup industry. The class size was small (8 students) which meant you got a lot of attention from Gia and got all your questions answered. I highly recommend this school !

Thanks Gia, Vicky M.

May 15th Class – Victoria Macias  


The only thing I wish is that I had more time to practice under supervision. But over all I got enough info and even more with the book that I was given (that Gia wrote) If I don’t feel confident in the field, I do feel confident that I can contact Gia and get any questions answered or help. I will return for the rest of the course, I would like!

Thank you.

May 15th Class – Corrine Marquez


I had first considered taking a Marienello course but when I checked out Gia’s portfolio ( and the quality of work and the amount of experience I chose to attend Cammua! It was the best choice I have ever made, I felt so comfortable while taking the classes, the lessons that were taught were fun and technique emphasized… Thank you Gia & Staff.

May 15th Class – Jennifer Ann Dietrich


Gia was very professional and kept the class on track with the prescribed agenda. She was excellent at gauging the students experience level and talents, and tailored the instruction for each student. Having no makeup back ground at all, I was very intimidated and overwhelmed, but I was never left behind. Gia is extremely knowledgable and very open and accessable to questions. It was an excellent experience and I now feel confident and prepared for doing Media Makeup on my own. Another plus when comparing the Cammua class to other classes is that I was not required to provide my own model for the class.

May 15th Class – Alexander Paul Smits 

Thank you so much Gia! Wow, I’am so happy that I found you for so many reasons. I really enjoyed taking your class. You explained things very clear for me to understand. I love that you made it so easy step by step. You took your time with me till I understood. But most of all you are a very caring person with a special talent for teaching. Your work is beautiful. Thank you again so much. For anyone who is looking, take this course, you will be so happy with Gia.

Christina Leno – May 13th Class 

Thanks G for everything. I love this class. I learned so much in making my dreams come tru. I will always remember you and hope everything works out for you.

Marisol Herrera – May 13th class 

I can not give enough praise to Gia! Gia is an amazing teacher. You will learn so much at Cammua. Everyday you will learn the tips, tricks, and techniques you will need to succeed as a makeup artist. I researched many schools before I chose Cammua, and this school by far exceeded all my expectations. The kit you receive includes industry standard. Products such as Make Up For Ever &  Temptu. Other schools I researched did not. Gia will make sure that you have the techniques down before you complete your program. You will leave your program ready to work as a qualified makeup artist.

Kelly Chapman – May 13th

I am so pleased I went to CAMMUA.  With no experience, Gia gave me what I need to be a successful.  Great makeup and business knowledge.  Having Sergio come in to teach hair styling was amazing.  I am so impressed with what I learned in a short amount of time, I did not expect that.  I feel I have what it takes to have a great start in the industry.  I know I can call Gia anytime with questions and she will take care of me.  Thanks CAMMUA for a a fun and amazing week.  I made some great friends here, Can’t wait to see them working in the business with me.  Awesome connections.  It’s more than a school, it’s a life time of friendships too.
Kerry Pietrini  

Gia is caring like a mother, funny like a comedian, strict like a drill sergeant.  All around amazing instructor.  If you think you know makeup chances are you don’t.  Go to Gia and she will teach you what you need to know.   Sergio with what little time I had with him, he was amazing.  Strict but non judgemental.  I messed up a lot during his class but each time I messed up he didn’t mind. His patience is a virtue and a gift.

Cristina Charles  

I had such a great time and an awesome experience with Gia.  She is an amazing teacher with a lot of experience, I know.  I can call her any time and she is going to be willing to help.  Not only did I learn techniques but I feel like i also gained some friendships.  Sergio was just as amazing , I love doing different hair styles.  If you are thinking about going to makeup school I would definitely go to CAMMUA.

Andrea Roberts
Cammua with Janet Pippins was great for what I was looking for. I wanted something that wasn’t too long but had everything I needed to start as a professional makeup artist. The class was fun and intuitive and Janet is great at giving her students the attention and information needed to get started. She is a talented makeup artist and on top of it very nice!
I definitely recommend the class to anyone who is looking to start as a professional makeup artist.

“Studying at CAMMUA with Janet Pippins was the best experience I could have asked for. As a beginner, I doubted if I had potential as an artist but by the end, I felt confident and comfortable applying makeup. Janet has created a great atmosphere for students to grow and even though she is the teacher, and an excellent one at that, her down to earth and kind personality make you feel like a close friend and you feel safe asking questions and you always know that you have support. Aside from these reasons to choose CAMMUA Encinitas, both the location and studio are inviting, clean and safe. ”

Hayley Horwin

I cannot thank Janet Pippins enough for guiding me into the right direction. She has taught me so much about makeup artistry and airbrushing. I vow one day I’m going to make her proud. She’s an excellent instructor very professional, attentive, and witty. I enjoyed being in her class and will miss her dearly.

xoxo-Pam Sirivong


Hands on with Actual Teachers!!!

I absolutely loved CAMMUA makeup school. I learned so much and it was in a fun and laid back environment. Gia and Janet are great teachers with lots of experience and were really there to answer any questions I had about the industry. Besides the great teaching the kits are amazing! I received so much more high quality makeup than I ever expected. Cammua is a fun, fast paced, interactive school that teaches you great make up techniques. Gia is a wonderful teacher who tells it like it is. What makes this school stand out from the others is the small class size and the consistent hands on practice. These were two very important aspects I considered when choosing a school. Gia’s interaction with her students really allows you to improve and progress as an artist. I especially loved how we learned make up styles through the decades and bollywood, so fun! Awesome kit, awesome teacher, I highly recommend this school!

Marni D


I have been styling girls since I could walk, so I was pretty set in my ways…until I was referred to Cammua by a dear friend in the industry who had graduated from there and loved the programs! I decided to take an Airbrush course and update my Makeup Skills to include High definition Makeup. I attended Cammua, and under Gia’s supervision was very pleased to find that I learned many new tricks and application methods as well as learned how to perfect my traditional working methods with the applications I had been using, including utilizing different brushes, and applicators, re-positioning my hands to get certain blending options I had not before been able to cleanly do, etc. Class was fun, the supplies were top notch (not cheap brushes and cakey old makeup but fresh new supplies given upon enrollment), and an abundance of school supplies were also on hand to use, that we did not purchase…not to mention all the Marketing tips and guidance I received! The Airbrush course in particular has opened up a whole new area for me to profit with. Now more than half my business revolves around the Airbrush Makeup/supplies I learned to apply and received from Cammua! It was a great experience and I would highly recommend Cammua to anyone from a novice to a ‘Pro’.

Adria Lormis (Ms. Scarlett)

I have always been fascinated with makeup ever since I can remember.  I would try to hang out with my model friends to see how these talented makeup artist work, because I was so intrigue by their work.  I was determined to go back to school and be a makeup artist.  What I like about CAMMUA is the attentiveness and involvement of the instructor…our instructor was very thorough in her teaching and was very patient with us.  With the class, we got a makeup kit with all the professional brushes and makeup pallettes.  After graduation, I applied for my MACPRO membership and now I have 40% off all MAC products and master classes. A week before I graduated, I was already setting up my website and printing out my business card.  I just graduated less than 3 months, and I already have a team of makeup artists and hair stylists working for me.  I have bookings up to next summer, and I am involved in all the bridal shows in Southern California.  If you want to be your own boss, making great money, makeup artistry is a great career for you.  Thank you, CAMMUA! 

 Catherine Le





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